Who, What and Why?

What is Wellbeing?

The Growing

We promote wellbeing by supporting the upstream determinants of health, from community connection to economic opportunity. The Growing season will nurture the innate wisdom inherent to all beings and promote skills that enable people to flourish.

4 Pillars of Wellbeing

  • Awareness: A heightened, flexible attentiveness to your external environment and internal cues, noticing thoughts, feelings and sensations as they arise.
  • Connection: A feeling of care and kinship toward other people, through supportive relationships and supportive interactions.
  • Insight: Self-knowledge is understanding how our emotions, thoughts and beliefs shape our experiences and sense of self.
  • Purpose: Getting clear about your core values and deeper motivation and being able to apply them in your daily life.
Why Wellbeing?

Holistic Wellness


Economic Opportunity and the capacity for self-determination.


A feeling of connection, belonging and well-developed support system.


The awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our emotions and the ability to effectively manage challenges.


Optimal bodily health and functioning promoted by living in a balanced state of mind, body, and spirit.


Living a lifestyle that nurtures the natural world and mitigates the impact of harmful environmental factors.


A sense of purpose and meaning, and achieving greater mindfulness of your impact on the world.

In short about us.

We love what we do.

The Growing Season is a non-profit dedicated to community wellness with an understanding that health builds from where we live, learn, work and play. We catalyze holistic health-focused community redevelopment projects using a social-impact model that creates spaces where commerce and community come together, and people’s hopes, dreams and talents are honored.

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